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4 Spindles Configuration + 2 Chamfering cutters

■ Cutting width 70~650mm

■ Cutting thickness 20~300mm (20~400mm Optional)


Spindles Layout

(2 Horizontal Spindle + 2 Vertical Spindle + 2 Chamfering Cutter)


■ 1st bottom horizontal spindle

■ 2nd top horizontal spindle

■ 3rd right vertical spindle

■ 4th left vertical spindle

■ 5th right chamfering cutter

■ 6th left chamfering cutter

Outstanding Performance Through Quality Features

■ Floating infeed rollers for added smoothness of feeding.

■ PLC control in combination with touch-screen for user-friendly operation.

■ Variable feed speed is controlled by a frequency inverter.

■ Individual universal joint transmission for each roller.

■ Powered elevation of upper mechanism.

■ Profiled cutterhead on vertical spindle is standard.

■ The table is hard chrome plated with precision ground to provide a smooth feeding effect and maximum wear-resistance.

■ 6 posts are hard chrome plated.

■ Overload protection.

Powered Side Pressure Infeed Roller

Powered Side Pressure Infeed Roller

■ The additional infeed roller makes wood infeed easier.

■ Available for online operation in a production line.

■ 1HP motor drive.
Side Pressure Plate

■ Specially designed, highly rigid pressure plate ensures maximum stability.

Floating Bottom Infeed Roller

Floating Bottom Infeed Roller

■ The bottom infeed roller is designed with floating feature for increased smoothness of feeding.

■ Floating amount is 5mm by pneumatic.

Universal Joint Transmission On Top & Bottom Rollers 

Universal Joint Transmission On Top & Bottom Rollers 

■ Each top and bottom feed roller is driven by an individual universal joint for extra powerful feeding performance.

■ With the powered feed rollers, the machine is capable of feeding any difficult materials with maximum smoothness

Hydraulically Supported Bearings 


Hydraulically Supported Bearings 

The vertical and horizontal cutterheads are designed with hydraulically supported bearings. This feature allows the cutterhead to be changed conveniently by simply pulling it out. In addition, it also ensures outstanding stability when performing heavy cutting.

Quick Adjustment of Bottom Cutterhead 

(P-40-V4-C2, P-52-V4-C2)

Quick Adjustment of Bottom Cutterhead 

■ The bottom cutterhead is easy to adjust by simply turning a cutterhead adjustment gear.

■ Leveling at the right and left end of the bottom cutterhead is adjusted synchronously.

Easy To Draw Cutterhead

■ The top and bottom cutterheads are easy to draw for replacing inserts.

■ Equipped with two linear guideways, making cutterhead movement effortless.

Helical Cutterhead with Profiled Cutters

Helical Cutterhead with Profiled Cutters

This type of cutterhead allows profile moulding and surface planning to be accomplished in a single feed.

Follow-Up Chamfering Cuterhead 

Follow-Up Chamfering Cuterhead 

The follow-up chamfering cutterhead can move together with wood width and height, therefore no adjustment on the chamfering cutterhead is required to suit wood width and height.

Helical Cutterhead with Profiled Cutters

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