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Double Surface Planer

■ Depth Of Cut 24mm (two Sides)

Outstanding Features

■ Roller feeding mechanism effectively eliminates slipping problem when cutting moisturized and heavy wood. 
■ Feeding mechanism elevation is driven by a motor, and is controlled by a digital controller. 
■ Top and bottom feed rollers are directly driven by universal joints for accurate and full power transmission. 
■ Spiral cutterhead is optional. 
■ 20HP motor drive on top and bottom spindle. 
■ Table surface is hard chrome plated and precision ground for maximum wear-resistance and smooth feed. 
■ Movable control box provides added convenience in operation and setup.


Control Box

■ The control box is separately mounted and can be moved as desired, providing added convenience in operation and setup. 
■ DIGITAL CONTROLLER: For accurate control of feeding mechanism. 
■ AMP METERS: For indicating load condition on top and bottom cutterheads.

Quick Adjustment of Bottom Cutterhead 

Quick Adjustment of Bottom Cutterhead 

■ The bottom cutterhead is easy to adjust by simply turning a cutterhead adjustment gear. 

■ Leveling at the right and left end of the bottom cutterhead is adjusted synchronously

Universal Joint Transmission 

Universal Joint Transmission 

■ Each feed roller is driven by an individual universal joint for extra powerful feeding performance.

■ With the powered feed rollers, the machine is capable of feeding any difficult materials with maximum smoothness.

Easy To Draw Cutterhead

Easy To Draw Cutterhead

■ The top and bottom cutterheads are easy to draw for replacing inserts. 

■ Equipped with two linear guideways, making cutterhead movement effortless.

Tersa Cutterhead System

Tersa Cutterhead System​

TMA Series 

Tersa Cutterhead System​

HMR Series 

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