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PAA Series

Planing / Finishing Cutterheads 

Quick-lock centrifugal force clamping system. 


■ Quick-lock centrifugal force clamping system. 
■ Reversible knives. 
■ Accurate and consistent cutting cycle accuracy within ±0.03mm. 
■ Solid aluminum alloy structure. 
■ Advanced head design. 
■ Available with H.S.S. knives with 18% tungsten or carbide. 
■ Knives are changed radially. 
■ Choice of various configurations from 2 knives to specified depending on cutterhead diameter knives. 
■ Suitable for hogging or finishing applications. 
■ Hydro-bore is available. 


■ Quick and accurate knife change for increased convenience and time saving. 
■ Lower tooling cost per board. 
■ No need to adjust knife. 
■ Reduces stress on the spindle and bearings. 
■ Maximum safety and outstanding performance. 
■ Increase material removal rate. 
■ Extended service life of knife. 
■ Easy to access for knife change. 
■ Dramatically boost your productivity. 
■ Dual functions feature great versatility.


Pine Precision Machinery Co. 

ADDRESS : No. 302, Sec. 2, Tanfu Rd., Tanzi Dist., Taichung City 427, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL : +886 4 2535-2112

FAX : +886 4 2535-2118


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