Fast … Safe … Precise …

A Perfect Combination of Durability,

Simplicity And Quietness

The decisive advantage of the Tersa system is the user friendliness.

Knives can be mounted in the planning head using no screws or keys, and they are fixed in the right position by means of a specially made gib which is pressed outward towards the knife by utilizing the centrifugal force. To replace the knife, the gib is pushed back, and the knives can be replaced without using any other tools

Operation Instructions

Operation Instructions


Turn the slide stop cover to the postion in which the knives are shown.

Operation Instructions


Use the provided press punch to gently tap down the segmented gibs. This will release the knife.

Operation Instructions


Align the knife, carefully slide it and install a new knife (or the same knife reversed for a new edge). Repeat this procedure for the other three knives.

Operation Instructions


Make sure the knife is properly seated upon the bead and the ends are not protruding past the ends of the cutterhead, then close the slide stop cover. When the machine is started later, the gibs will automatically secure the knife in place.

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